The Polish Language: My Journey

I really want to be fluent!

I'll be using this page to document my journey and to show you what I am learning with my teacher. I'll share how I have been getting to grips with Polish, how well I can (or can't) speak and useful things for you to try if you want to learn.


If I had to guess, I'd say my level currently is around A2. I can have conversations, order in restaurants and I can read pretty well. Of course I have a problem with Polish grammar but the most important thing is that you understand me right? I have previously taken evening classes in the UK but these were very basic. I had a teacher in Wroclaw when we lived there and now I have lessons with a different teacher based in Wroclaw. We have online lessons at the moment (2 x 1 hour lessons per week) because our plans to meet and have 'intensive' lessons during Easter, were stopped due to the Coronavirus pandemic. 

I definitely lack confidence when speaking Polish but I am very driven and determined that one day I'll be fluent. Watch this space! Below you'll find a couple of old videos of me speaking Polish (see my YouTube channel - TheSuperCommutingDad) I think I have improved a lot since these videos were made and I can even spot my mistakes.

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