Polish Language lessons: Making the most of the Covid-19 Lockdown.

We have all been trying keeping busy during this period. From online courses & music lessons to Polish language lessons and DIY.

I have been 'furloughed' from work since 6th April. Kinga has been working from home (She is a teacher) and the kids are both home from school. The pressure has been on to keep the kids entertained. I am also a person who has to be occupied all the time, so sitting down all day watching Netflix really is not for me!

“I've really enjoyed spending time with my family. I like the water fights best and I love throwing water bombs at my Dad” Oliver.

We had a trip to Poland booked for ten days over Easter. Needless to say we were unable to travel and we totally understand and agree that everyone's safety is paramount, so there are no arguments from us that flights were cancelled. I had some intensive Polish lessons booked with a teacher in Wroclaw too, which had to be postponed. Fortunately my new Teacher contacted me to see if I wanted some online lessons.

Polish lessons

I've had Six lessons so far and I am loving it. My teacher totally puts me at ease which is great and I really look forward to the lessons. I am determined to be fluent one day! I get plenty of home work too which helps me practice. I really should speak more Polish at home but for some reason I find it hard to break the habit.

Music lessons

Kids don't need things. They need parents who will spend time with them.”

Sophie will be fourteen this year so she is happy to sit in her room and chat with her friends; both in Poland and in the UK. She has a piano lesson every Tuesday evening and even though she cannot see her teacher, Sophie has been taking lessons via Skype.

Saying that, she still loves to spend time with her Dad on occasion, we tried to learn some guitar chords together but that didn't go so well!

Water fights & other fun

Oliver is a simple lad! he is happy playing in the garden. We have invested in some water pistols and water balloons which has kept us both occupied!

On top of all of that we have also kept busy by: Playing Uno, hoopla, walking, Barbecuing and exercising. On top of all of that, I have just completed an online Nutrition course.

I hope everyone else is keeping safe and happy!

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