By Sophie: Why I love Poland

My thoughts on school & my friends in Poland.

Why do I love Poland? There are so many reasons I love my beautiful country. The culture, the food, the history and the people contribute to my admiration of Poland. Whilst living there for 2 years, I met so many amazing people through school and have so many funny and incredible memories with them all.

Above: My last day at School in Poland, it was emotional.

I always loved spending my summers in Poland with my family but it’s just so different getting to spend that time with friends. I can truly say that the friends I made in Poland are some of my closest friends and will hopefully be in my life for a long time. It’s obviously quite a big change moving to a country you’ve never lived in before and have no friends in. It was quite emotional for me in the beginning but as soon as I started school, my new class were asking about me and trying to make friends with me which made me feel so much more comfortable and really helped me settle in.

Above: Me and my friends on my birthday

After I had been at school for about a month, another girl joined who couldn’t speak any Polish. We quickly bonded over the fact we were both the ‘new girls’ in the class. She has become one of my closest friends ever and I spent pretty much everyday with her when I lived in Poland. We made friends with other girls in our year and the 5 of us are now best friends.

Above: My friends and I, Halloween 2019

My class in Poland were so kind to me when I joined and after being there for about a year, I felt so close to them all, which shows how hospitable Polish people are in general. They always welcome you in with open arms, whatever the situation. I finally felt comfortable because they were all such kind people and didn’t care that I had only been there for a short while, they treated me like we had all known each other all our lives.

Above: Me and some of my friends after school

I remember our school trips always being so fun, especially when we went away for a few days. That’s one of the things I loved about Polish school. The annual school trip to a different city was always such fun. We would have BBQ’s, go shopping and site seeing, and we had a lot of independence (which wasn’t always so good as me and my friends did get lost once). They are some of the best memories I have, and I will cherish them forever.

Above: some of my friends, I can't wait to see them again

Summers in Poland can’t quite be beaten though. Being out with my best friends from 10 in the morning to 10 at night, eating whatever we want, going swimming, going shopping and to some of the best restaurants ever are just a few things that I love doing when I’m there in the summer. Living in Poland for those two years really opened my eyes to the beauty of Poland, and the amount of fun I can squeeze into a few weeks in the summertime. It has also made me realise that the world is a small and accessible place and now I really want to travel more. I think living in Poland and helping my Mum, by taking my brother to school & walking the dog, helped me to become more independent. Leaving my friends in the UK to go to school in Poland was scary at first but it has all been so rewarding.

We have already had one trip during Easter cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic so I really, really hope we manage to get to Wroclaw in August as planned, I really want to catch up with my mates!

By Zosia (Sophie)

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