My first YouTube video in Polish


As I have mentioned before, I learned little bits of Polish here and there. I learned the basics from Kinga so that I could be polite and make basic conversation with her family. I attended an evening class in the UK for a few weeks but this was just very basic stuff. I never really started learning until we moved to Poland in 2017 and I made this video when we first moved to Wroclaw - I had some notes written down and Sophie helped me get my words together. The video was picked up by '' so it became quite popular, people seemed interested in the English guy with awful Polish who wanted to learn. The link to the wykop article is below - what do you think of my Polish? It was pretty awful back then and whilst I am far from fluent, I think it is much improved - I'll have to do a video in Polish soon.

The wykop article is quite old so if the link doesn't work properly, click the link to the YouTube video at the bottom of the page.

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