Nad morzem: Gdańsk, Gdynia i Sopot

At the Polish seaside: An Englishman's perspective.

In 2018, we spent all our holiday time in Poland. As I mentioned in the Zakopane post, we wanted to see: Mountains, sea and lakes and we wanted to do all of that in glorious Poland.

We drove from our home in Wrocław all the way north to Gdańsk in July. A metropolitan corner of Poland consisting of three cities; Gdańsk , Gdynia and Sopot. Positioned next to one another along the coast of Gdańsk bay on the Baltic sea, the cities form a hotspot for Polish holiday makers.

Above: Zosia & I enjoying Zapiekanki at the beach

We had booked a self catering apartment walking distance to Gdańsk beach, so we planned to make the most of our location by spending days at the beach and evenings in the bars and Restaurants of the old town. Unfortunately, the weather had other ideas! Luckily, the sun did show itself for a few days so we managed to get to the beach and into the water a few times. On our walks home from the beach, we always stopped off to buy fresh mackerel.

Luckily, the area has much more to offer than just sitting on the sand all day. We took a car journey to Hel, a 35km long peninsula steeped in history where we enjoyed żurek, gofry and ice cream.

Above: Kinga & the kids at Neptune's fountain, Gdańsk.

We walked along the coastal path to Sopot and Gdynia and took a bus ride into Gdańsk old town where we toured the quaint streets and had our photo in front of Neptune's fountain.

I would love to go back to Gdańsk again. It always baffles me why Brits don't holiday in Poland, I'm sure it's because they are (mostly) unaware of the beauty of Poland. You can get direct, cheap flights from the UK and you'll need much less spending money than you would in Spain or elsewhere. The food is amazing and the beer is great! If you get the sunshine then you have everything you need. I definitely recommend it either as a family holiday or short city break - I just have a feeling Poles want to keep this place to themselves and who can blame them?!

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