Top 5 Polish things we can't live Without.

Well, maybe we could actually live without these things, but we definitely want all of them in our lives. Let me know what yours are.

Poland has many great things to offer. Beautiful scenery, vibrant cities alongside amazing hospitality, tasty food and some of the best beer I've ever tried.

“I've taken many of my friends and family to visit Poland and every single one of them has mentioned how hospitable the people are” Adam.

Above: Sophie outside Wroclaw Town Hall

In no particular order, here are five of our favourite Polish things, you'll notice most of this is food!

1) Pierogi - This is an obvious one, although Oliver is not a fan! My favourite are z kapustą i grzybami (with cabbage and mushroom). Sophie and Kinga both love 'Ruskie' though. To be honest we will eat any pierogi we can get our hands on; sweet or savoury it really doesn't matter! #pierogi #zkapustaigrzybami #ruskie

2) Zupa (soup) - We are huge fans of polish soup but we have different favourites; Oliver Loves Rosół, Sophie is a fan of zupa ogorkowa, Kinga loves zupa jarzynowa and my favourite (although not strictly polish) is Barszcz ukraiński. #zupa #zupajarzynowa #polskazupa #polishsoup

3) Arbuz (water melon) - Ok, so these may not actually be grown in Poland (normally Greece or Turkey) however, the water melon bought in Polish shops is so sweet and tasty, they put all others to shame! Even though we live back in the UK now, as soon as it's water melon season and they are in the local Polish shop, the news spreads like wild fire.

4) Wrocław - We couldn't have a top 5 without talking about this wonderful city! I've been visiting this place for the past 15 years and it gets better and better. Having lived here for two years, it really feels like home for me. I'm so passionate about it in fact that I always try to convince my friends to visit; those that have, loved it. If you have never been, you can fly from the UK from various airports directly to Wroclaw with #ryanair or #wizzair flights take between ninety minutes to two hours. When the sun is out you can soak up the atmosphere in the Rynek (Market square) and enjoy a cold beer, glass of wine or a coffee.

I truly love this city. No surprise it is nicknamed #wroclove eh?

#wroclaw #wroclawcity #visitpoland

5) Piwo (Beer) - Polish beer in general is wonderful. In fact, here in the UK I never buy beer from anywhere else unless it's a local brewer who produces something special. For me though, the best thing about Polish beer is that so much of it is unique and is brewed in 'micro-breweries' of which there are lots dotted around Wroclaw. Two of my favourites in Wroclaw are Spiz & zloty pies. There really is a beer for everyone and Spiz even brew their own; chocolate beer, honey beer and wheat beer among others. #zlotypiesbrowar #spizwroclaw

Below: me, enjoying a beer at Spiz, Wroclaw


So, there you have it. Our top five Polish things we couldn't live without. Poland has so much to offer. If you have the chance to visit, grab it with both hands!

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