We are going to Poland for a whole month!

Why are we going for a whole month and what are we planning to do in Poland?

Above: We can't wait to eat at Pod Papugami

I had been really consistent with releasing two posts every week up until around two weeks ago. It was hard work to write two posts each week and for them to actually be any good. So, I decided that I would release a blog post once a week; every Saturday morning at 09:30. Well......that was the plan! Then our world got turned upside down somewhat; I lost my job. I have been working for my employers for more than eighteen years, and on Monday 29th June, I was told that my position was no longer required. A mixture of Brexit complications and of course all the issues COVID-19 has brought, were the main reasons. Not just me, lots of us. It has been both a stressful and emotional couple of weeks and the blog has just not been a priority. I like to think I am a positive thinker though, so I updated my CV immediately and started applying for new roles. It's easy to become bitter when redundancy happens, but I can understand all the business reasons behind it and I wish my employer all the best in the future.

Every cloud has a silver lining though! During my notice period I have plenty of holiday days that I have to use up. I have enough to book all of August as holiday so that means I can now travel with Kinga and the kids and stay in Wroclaw for four weeks. My original plan was to fly out to Poland on 20th August and to stay for ten days. Kinga, Zosia and Oliwier were always planning to go for four weeks and now I can join them. Of course, the kids will be on their summer holiday and Kinga is a teacher, so she is away from work too - Perfect! So, I booked a bargain ticket with Ryanair for £32 one way to Wroclaw on the same flight as my family.

On top of this, the British government announced yesterday that people arriving from certain countries into the UK, no longer need to quarantine for 14 days. The great news for us was that Poland was on this list. I was a bit concerned that being in Poland for August would hinder my job search but as I always ask myself: "What's the worst that can happen?" Well, I can still search for jobs online when I'm in Wroclaw, I can attend any online interviews via Skype or zoom and 'worst case' I have to fly back to England for an interview - it's not like I'm not used to flying between these two countries. To be honest, the whole lock-down, social distancing, COVID-19 situation has had a huge impact on everybody. Whilst our family has tried to keep active minds and bodies, it's natural to want to visit the people and places you love. So, this break is something we are all looking forward to. Zosia cannot wait to see her friends, Kinga and I cannot wait to meet our family and close friends and particularly to give a cuddle to the latest addition to the family - our friends had a baby boy last week. Oliver just can't wait to visit the aquapark. This break is much needed for all of us.

We will do lots of exciting things whilst in Poland - but as it is four weeks, we have to get that balance between treating it like a holiday and being 'at home'. We will of course visit the Zoo, the Aquapark, Pergola and all our favourite places. We will eat at our favourite restaurants and most importantly, we will visit family & friends. I haven't been to Poland since October so this trip is long overdue. On top of the 'fun' things, we will also be making trips to the Doctors, the Dentist and probably to Castorama to make some improvements on the flat. I'm hoping we can take a family trip to the forest and have a barbecue and a few beers with Kinga's cousins and uncle. I feel this deep connection with Poland and although I am English, I feel that I'm going 'home' when we return to Wroclaw.

If you've been following the blog posts, you'll have seen that I have been having two Polish language lessons per week with my teacher via zoom. My teacher is now based in Wroclaw so I am hoping we can have some face to face lessons and even catch up over a beer, it would great to finally meet her properly. I'm hoping to still have at least one lesson per week whilst there. I think my Polish is improving a lot. I have been able to have more detailed conversations and to send text messages to friends without using a translator. Plus, the lessons have really helped to keep my mind active during this period.

We had such big travel plans this year, we had booked trips to Las Vegas, New York, Wales and of course Poland. All of our trips have been cancelled so far and today we received an email telling us that our New York trip was cancelled too. So, this trip to Wroclaw is much needed - all the family need a break.

Our eldest Son, Bartek will take care of Edek (our French Bulldog) whilst we are in Poland and when we return to England, we will be bringing another French Bulldog home with us. He is so cute and I can't wait to see him - Edek will love his little brother! Our new Dog will be called Heniek and we cannot wait to meet him.

So - there seems to be some light at the end of this long dark tunnel that we call COVID-19. I hope you all remain safe and healthy and I promise I'll keep the blogs more regular now.

Pozdrawiam - Adam

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