Why did we move to Poland?

We lived in Poland for two years, but why did we move there?

In 2016, me and my family decided we were going to move to Poland. We had a flat there and flights were regular and cheap to and from the UK. So, in 2017 we made the move and I became a 'Super commuter' - living in Poland but working in the UK. when we decided to move, we didn't know if it would work out so we just decided on going for one year to see how we liked it. We rented out our home in England and moved into our flat in Wroclaw, Poland. We decided the kids would go to a public school as initially we were thinking of putting them into an international school where they would learn in English. We are so glad we didn't though, as they developed well and made lots of friends.

I won't talk about the whole two year experience but I am often I am asked why we moved to Poland in the first place. I hope the video ( link below) will explain this a bit more.


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