Zakopane: Our trip

The Tatra mountains

Zakopane; on Slovakia's border but very much Polish. I really could fill this page with photos of the amazing places we visited in & around Zakopane. We drove from Wroclaw to Zakopane in May 2018 for a week long holiday and we even took Edek (our French bulldog) along. What an amazing place!

Above: One of the many Bear warnings
Above: Me and Sophie at Morskie Oko - Photo by Kinga

Our days were filled with plenty of walking and the evenings either at a local restaurant or sat around the barbecue with a cold beer. We had walking trips to: Morskie Oko, Gubałowka, Dolina Chołowska & Zakopane itself. Whether we were in a deep valley (Dolina Chochołowska) or high in the mountains, the scenery was breathtaking everywhere we went. We tried lots of the local specialities; Mutton, Kwaśnica ( a local soup made of pickled cabbage and meat (mainly mutton or pork) and of course we ate lots of genuine, local Oscypki (a traditional cheese made from sheep's milk and smoked).

Above: Sophie & Oliver taking a break during a trek

Although clearly a Polish town , based way down in the southern part of Poland, Zakopane seems to have a real distinct flavour of it's own. The architecture is like nothing I have ever seen and they even speak a very different dialect!

Above: an example of the local architecture

In 2018, we agreed that all of our holiday's would be in Poland for that year. Throughout the year, we wanted to visit: Mountains, the sea-side and the lakes. So, we were lucky enough to spend a week in Zakopane in May, then in July we drove north to Gdańsk for a week and headed slightly south-east to the Mazurian lake district. Poland really is a diverse and beautiful country. It has so much to offer and in my opinion is really underrated - I really love it, as you can probably tell! Have a look at a few more of our photos below.

Above: Me, Sophie & Oliver at Morskie Oko
Above: Selfie time for me and Oliver

Above: We made it! A long walk but worth it.

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